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Salzburg is nice all around the year - yet every month has its specific attractions. In these "Salzburg around the year" articles, we try to highlight the most important reasons to come to Salzburg in this specific month. October is the harvest month - and bears the last chance to see Salzburg in warm weather before winter comes.

Weather in Salzburg in October

In October, autumn finally arrives in Salzburg: Typically, you still get a couple of very warm and sunny days, but over-all, temperatures drop and you will be able to tell immediately that the summer is over. Average temperature drop to a daily maximum of 15 degrees Celsius, the minimum to 5 degrees.

There are four hours of sunshine each day. On the other hand, October is the month with the smallest number of rainy days: "Only" nine, welcome to Salzburg. To summarise this information: Bring "normal" clothing (ie. long sleeves) and dress in layers. Prepare for the worst (rain and temperatures under 10 degrees) and hope for the best (sunshine and temperatures over 20 degrees). Both levels are possible in October.

Things to see & do in Salzburg: October

The "Salzburger Kulturtage" are a series of concerts, opera and theatre that targets a local audience; they were founded in 1972 to provide an affordable alternative to the very expensive Salzburg Festival of the summer. Today, they are quite popular, and - as intended - visited mostly by people from the city of Salzburg or its surroundings. Don′t expect the glamour of the Festspiele - but if you have a serious interest in music or theatre, you might even prefer the more private Salzburger Kulturtage.

Things to do & see in the surroundings: October

In the south of Salzburg, at least in the mountainous areas that is, you might have an opportunity to witness the traditional "Almabtrieb" on a weekend in early October. This ceremony involves the decoration of cows with a special kind of ornament; then the cows are taken from the high altitude meadows in the mountains to the valleys, where they stay for the winter. The ritual is often combined with services or blessings to say grace for a successful season.

This might be linked with crop and harvest festivals, of which there are plenty in rural Salzburg. The peak of these is Erntedanksonntag, the "Thanks Giving Sunday". Processions take place for this occasion in many villages, often involving a crown made of wheat.

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