"Special Interest" Topics

Salzburg at night. A useless picture for useless articles on special interests.

Over the years, this website has accumulated a couple of articles that are not terribly useful, no matter how hard you try. We have included rankings, current information or artilces that - sorry to admit it here - we had to include for the sake of satisfying search engines. Welcome to this page - it is the graveyard for these articles.

We have decided to keep the article online nonetheless, for a variety of reasons: Because we have already done them, so why not keeping them alive; because some people might still like them or find them useful; because the search engines send decent traffic through them. In any case, here they are: Our "special interest topics". This section might even gain more pages with time.

Outdated & Moderately Useful Articles

Lanz of Salzburg

Prince Archbishops of Salzburg

UEFA Euro 2008: Football Championship

Salzberg, Austria

Salzberg Information

Salzburg Link Directory

Palaces & Castles

Bachfest 2008




How to Use a Sauna in a Spa


Salzburg tourist information with info on the city

Salzburg Province provides info on the State

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