Schloss Radaun - Doktorschlössl Castle

In the southern district of Aigen, you will find primarily expensive residential areas, some public buildings and recent developments. Generally, it is a rather posh part of Salzburg that doesn′t attract many tourists for sightseeing - essentially there is Schloss Aigen Castle, some scenic spots by the Salzach River and access to the Gaisberg.

Beyond that, Aigen also has a number of hotels and B&B′s, one of them in a historic villa that is - somewhat pompously - called a castle: Schloss Radaun or the "Doktorschlössl Castle". Its oldest record dates back to 1116, when it is listed as a property of the Nonnberg Nunnery. Back then, the castle was called a "Hof zu Glas", or "Court at Glas".

Its current name Doktorschlössl means "doctor′s castle" and refers to Dr. Franz Mayer, who was the personal physician of Prince Archbishop Wolf-Dietrich von Raitenau from about 1670 onwards. He was also the son-in-law of Santino Solari, who built Hellbrunn Castle and the Salzburger Dom Cathedral.

A hidden treasure in Aigen

In the late 19th century, after Salzburg had become part of Austria and slowly recovered from the devastation of the Napoleonic wars, the new Salzburg upper-class invested a lot of money into "modernising" Baroque villas. That happened to Schloss Neuhaus Castle, Schloss Elsenheim, Schloss Arenberg - and the Doktorschlössl.

In 1879, it was re-modelled into its current shape. Today, the Doktorschlössl Castle is run as a hotel and invites you to stay in its historic halls, despite of the 19th century flavour that didn′t leave too much authentic Baroque-ness left. Note the nearby Aigener Pfarrkirche and Schloss Aigen.

Hidden Treasures of Salzburg

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