Coronation of Madonna in Salzburg

The madonna statue in front of the Dom cathedral in Salzburg.

It is so obvious, and still ignored or not noticed by most Salzburg visitors: if you are standing in front of the Salzburger Dom cathedral, you will notice a golden crown held by two angels about two thirds up the cathedral′s fašade. This crown is not just a decoration, it is part of an optical illusion.

wikipedia, GFDLWalk towards the Franziskanerkirche church to the opposite of the cathedral. Once you come to the arcades that the Madonna statue are facing (the Wallistrakt of the Residenz Palace), stop in the centre arch. Turn around. Look at the crown. Ideally, the two angles would hold it directly above of the head of Madonna.

However, since people tend to vary in height, you might have to walk one step forward or backward. And to be perfectly honest: it could be that it′s not precisely centred and aligned with the head, so do your fine-tuning until it fits. Take a picture. And be happy that at least YOU didn′t miss it!

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