Schlosskirche Mirabell

The Schlosskirche Mirabell is the chapel within the Schloss Mirabell Palace. Like in many palaces, the chapel played an important role, since it served as an important congregation room where both landlord and his staff would attend mass. This applied in particular to the Prince Archbishop of Salzburg, who was not only a sacral landlord, but also a religious leader. This is the reason why even a leisure castle like Schloss Mirabell was equipped with quite an elaborate church.

The palace of Schloss Mirabell was built under the rule of Prince Archbishop Wolf Dietrich von Raitenau, the father of the Baroque Salzburg. He built the palace for his mistress (though this might be a bit harsh - maybe his partner?) Salome Alt. The original chapel was rather humble and far from the current Baroque masterpiece. Almost nothing of it is preserved.

Late-Baroque Makeover of the Schlosskirche Mirabell

When Prince Archbishop Franz Anton von Harrach had the Schloss Mirabell palace and gardens re-modelled extensively, he hired a super-star among the architects of his day: Lukas von Hildebrandt. He designed the current Schlosskirche Mirabell. The central painting on the roof was also made by a famous artist: Bartolomeo Altomonte. The church was officially consecrated as Schlosskirche Mirabell in 1726 and dedicated to St. John of Nepomuk, who is also depicted in the Altomonte painting.

After the great fire in 1818, which destroyed much in and around the Schloss Mirabell Palace, the chapel was re-constructed in the previous state. The chapel was renovated in 1952 and 1988. Since 1938, it is the main church of Salzburg′s Altkatholiken, a local variation of the Episcopals. In addition, other Christian denominations hold masses and services in the Schlosskirche Mirabell.

This way, it has become a centre for inter-denominational exchange. The opening hours of the Schlosskirche Mirabell are limited. Timetables for services and current events are presented at the entrance. Since the chapel is integrated into the main building of Schloss Mirabell, it is easy to miss it - you find it just left of the main entrance of the palace, from the Mirabell Square side, not from the Mirabell gardens.

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