The Fondachhof is a little chateaux in the Salzburg district of Parsch, one of the most exclusive ones in Salzburg. It has several names, of which Fondachhof is the most commonly used. It is misspelling of "Von Tach Hof", referring to the noble family of von Tach. Other names include Kögelhof, Fondohof, Meierhof, Drumerhof or Apothekerhof. It can be tracked back to the year 1122 and was originally property of the monastery of St. Peter.

In the 15th century, the property was sold and changed owners rather frequently. Most of them were noble. In 1687, Johann Georg von Tach purchased the building, which was referred by his name since then. In 1727, the owner of the Fürsterzbischöfliche Hofapotheke (the court pharmacy), a certain Mayer bought the building. This is where the names "Meierhof" or "Apothekerhof" come from (the latter meaning "pharmacist′s court").

Later, the property was sold to Anna Gräfin Revertera-Salandra, who had several changes made at the Fondachhof. Her heir, Mathilde von Revertera, continued with this, resulting in the fact that most of today′s Fondachhof actually dates back to the year 1792. The outer parts of the building were created as late as 1949. The coat of arms of the Revertera-Salandra family (them of Schloss Aigen) is a noteworthy feature on the front fašade of the Fondachhof. There is a park around the property, which includes a Rococo marble well made by Franz de Paula Hinzl in 1772. The Fondachhof is private property and not open to the general public. Until 1993, it was run as a 5 star hotel.

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