Kajetanerplatz Square & Schanzlgasse

The Kajetanerplatz is a nice square framed by Medieval houses in the Altstadt (Old Town) of Salzburg. It is named after the Kajetanerkirche, a Baroque church that can be found there, alongside with the Landesgericht (State Court). The Pfeiffergasse and the Kaigasse lead to the Kajetanerplatz, which is often considered to be part of the Kaigassenviertel neighbourhood. Officially, however, the Kajetanerplatz is already part of the district of Nonntal.

The small alley leading to the "real” inner Nonntal area is the Schanzlgasse. There is a memorial plate for Alexander von Humboldt on the house in Schanzlgasse 5. The German researcher and geographer stayed here in 1797. Rumour has it that we said about Salzburg that it was one of the three most beautiful areas in the World - the other two being Naples and Constantinople. When a historian tried to track the quote down a few years ago, he did not find any references pre-dating the late 19th century, when tourism started to become important in Salzburg.

Schanzlgasse, branching off Kajetanerplatz

He concluded that the quote was probably made up for propagandistic purposes. In any case, the building where Humboldt stayed still hosts an inn, which has been the case ever since it was recorded - the first time in the late 14th century. It is only one of many Medieval burgher houses on Kajetanerplatz. The name "Schanzlgasse” refers to a little bastion, which was built here under the rule of Prince Archbishop Paris Lodron in the mid-17th century. Remains of this bastion can still be seen behind the house with the inn.

Beyond that, there is little to say about Kajetanerplatz. There is a modern fountain at the centre of the square, referring to the fact that markets used to be held here. Today, it is a parking lot and thus, not particularly attractive for extended breaks. Originally, the square itself was part of the gardens of a monastery that later turned into the hospital of the Barmherzige Brüder (still there, right behind the Kajetanerkirche). This was the case until Prince Archbishop Wolf Dietrich von Raitenau started to develop the land in the early 17th century.

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The hospital run at the Kajetanerplatz

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