Maria Theresien Schlössl

The so-called Maria Theresien Schlössl is a palatial villa in the exclusive district of Morzg. It looks more historic than it actually is. It was built in Historicist style for Josef Ritter von Lommer, a noble military officer. The construction of the villa started in 1901. However, the Maria Theresien Schlössl got its current face in the course of a major refurbishment that took place in 1935.

The architects and artists in charge with this 1935 refurbishment were Alfred Keller and Martin Knoll. The building has a Historicist, neo-Baroque façade with plenty of strange stucco work attached to it. Art historians have pointed out that the building has a distinct "Viennese touch". The name does not refer to the pseudo-Baroque elements, which are could to be tracked back to the time of Empress Maria Theresia′s reign over Austria (of which Salzburg was not part). It refers to Ritter von Lommer′s mother; from 1954 to 2007, the building served as a hotel and restaurant. Since then, it is a residential building.

The Maria Theresien Schlössl is surrounded by a large garden - or rather a park. It contains several ponds, some of which are pretty large and used to breed fish. The Maria Theresien Schlössl is private property and not open to the general public. Its surroundings are very suitable for extended walks and attractive for both their green assets and their historic significance. It is in walking distance from Schloss Hellbrunn.

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