Palais Rehlingen or Antretterhaus, Mozartplatz

Tourists generally confine a visit to the Mozartplatz, one of the most photographed attractions of Salzburg, to the Mozart Memorial and the Neue Residenz with the Salzburg Museum. They miss out on noticing a building that looks very much like any other burgher house in the Altstadt - despite of being a noteworthy and rather substantial "Stadtpalais” (city chateaux). The Stadtpalais Rehlingen or Antretterhaus is the building on Mozartplatz 4.

It is a segmented court that was mainly shaped between the 16th and 18th century. It contains arcades and two courtyards. The Palais Rehlingen looks younger than it is, which is due to its 1760 facades. The noble family of the House von Rehlingen used the Palais as their residence until 1765. Then the local statesman Johann Ernst von Antretter and his wife Maria Anna purchased the property.

History & Architecture of Palais Rehlingen

The Antretter family was naturally well-connected to many people at Salzburg′s court. They were also friends with Leopold Mozart, then Kapellmeister (head of the court music) of the Prince Archbishop. One of the Antretter sons served in the same rifle regiment as Wolfgang Amadeus and one of their daughters was a music student to Nannerl, Mozart′s sister. The Antretters also commissioned the composition of a serenade (Antretter-Serenade, KV 185).

One particularly remarkable feature of the Palais Rehlingen/Antretterhaus is the chapel, which can be seen either from the courtyard or from the Rudolfskai - it points out behind the old city walls. The chapel has a little tower with an onion dome and a façade in Rococo style. Today, the Antretterhaus is private property and home to - among other things - several law firms. Access is therefore possible during business hours, but keep in mind that this is no public building. For another interesting house with a beautiful arcaded courtyard, note the building of the Trakl Gedenkstätte on Waagplatz, some 30 metres away.

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