Schloss Neudegg

Schloss Neudegg, sometimes called Schloss Meran, is a small, mainly Baroque palace right next to the ORF Landesstudio in Salzburg′s Nonntal district. Schloss Neudegg is private property and not accessible visitors, but clearly visible from the street: A somewhat run-down central building, a chapel and an administrative building.

The chateaux belongs to the descendents of the "Counts of Meran”, a side-line of the Habsburg family that is well-known in Austria. They are the descendents of Archduke Johann, brother of Emperor Franz I, who gave up his family status and married the daughter of a layman.

Architecture of Schloss Neudegg

The name Neudegg is, on contrast, derived from the house of Neudegg - a local family of noblemen that saw its prime in the 13th and 14th century. Originally, the facility belonged to the nunnery of Stift Nonnberg, who ran its laundry facilities here. In 1460, the building was extended to a little chateaux, which is fairly well-preserved and makes the core of the current Schloss Neudegg. The owner at that time was a man called Niklas Venediger. This building was extended in the 16th century and got four towers on the corners.

These towers were equipped with onion domes in the 17th century. The chapel is standing aside from the main building; it dates back to the same period and was built around 1660. The original interiors are preserved. The chapel was constructed for Christoph Freisauff and his wife Katharina.

The side-building of Schloss Neudegg got a new façade in 1900. This resulted in the current Historicist appearance of the building, disguising that it is in fact a lot older. The Meran family bought Schloss Neudegg in 1935. Today, it looks a bit run-down and the surrounding gardens are not in very good shape. Note that many locals from Salzburg have never heard about this chateaux - in that sense, it is a real hidden treasure.

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