Schloss Schönleiten

Schloss Schönleiten is an old chateaux in the Salzburg district of Liefering. It is home of a Roman Catholic order, the Herz-Jesu-Misisonare (Missionaries of the Sacred Heart, an originally French order founded in 1854), who run a school at this site. Originally, the chateaux comprised of three different farmhouses or farm manors: The Surheimergut, the Esterergut and the Sintlergütl.

In 1654, two noble brothers, the Grafen von Muggenthal, purchased the properties and combined them to build the current chateaux of Schloss Schönleiten. The two counts were both Domherren, high-ranking civil servants in the service of the Domkapitel (sort of the directors board of the cathedral and diocese). Later, Schloss Schönleiten became property of the Domkapitel, but changed owners repeatedly.

In the 19th century, Schloss Schönleiten was used as the main building of an agricultural company again. A local family and dynasty of bakers called Heilmayr owned it in 1889, when it was sold to two monks for the order of the Herz-Jesu-Missionare: The French Father Baral and the German Father Ilge founded the local branch of the missionaries. From here, they started both their school and overseas mission activities that are often still in operation; particularly in Brazil, China, Papa New-Guinea and Central Africa. Schloss Schönleiten is still used by the community and not open for sightseeing.

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