Schloss Söllheim Castle & Pfefferschiff, Hallwang

Schloss Söllheim is a Baroque chateux in the community of Hallwang, just outside of the city limits of Salzburg. It is generally recognised for a high-end restaurant that is operated in the chateaux. Schloss Söllheim was built in 1685 - at least the Baroque building that you see today. The site had previously been occupied by a Medieval tower that was incorporated into the palace as we see it today. The area around Schloss Söllheim is appropriate for simple, non-demanding walks; you can follow the former rail of the Ischlerbahn, which linked Salzburg with Bad Ischl in the Salzkammergut (via Eugendorf and Thalgau).

Just outside of Schloss Söllheim you see the rather unusual chapel of the chateaux: the so-called Antoniuskapelle is round and the roof is covered with wooden shingles. Together with the actual manor and a former vicarage, the chapel makes a nice ensemble. The previously mentioned high-end restaurant is actually in the former vicarage. It is called "Pfefferschiff" ("pepper ship"), a name that refers to a funny anecdote that is relevant for the history of Schloss Söllheim.

In the 18th century, a certain Anton Kaufmann purchased a ship included its cargo - which happened to be pepper. He got it for a very small amount of money, because the ship was thought to have sunk. Anton Kaufmann now prayed to his patron saint, Saint Antonius of Padua, who also happens to be the saint responsible for lost things. He promised to endow the construction of a chapel dedicated to the saint in case the ship should return to a safe port. And it did: Soon after the deal had been sealed, it arrived in Venice and Anton Kaufmann was a wealthy mean. He kept his promise and built the Antoniuskapelle for Schloss Söllheim.

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