Weiherhof in Morzg

The Weiherhof is an old court in the Salzburg district of Morzg. This district is a funny one, because it comprises of several neighbourhoods that are not necessarily historically linked. This results in the fact that Morzg lacks both a historic centre and clear outlines; it became part of Salzburg in 1939 and is considered to be among the most exclusive areas of the city. This has been the case for a while, as buildings such as the Weiherhof demonstrate.

The court was first mentioned in the early 17th century. Back than, it was referred to as a small chateaux and property of the Domherren (sort of the directors board of the cathedral chapter). Today′s appearance of the Weiherhof was created with refurbishments in the early 19th century. These created the look and feel of large agricultural manor with a living area separated from the stable. The stables come with marble pillars and a nice, vaulted ceiling. This part of the Weiherhof is used by a commercial art gallery today.

"Weiher" means pond; the large pond that gave its name to the chateaux was covered up in the early 20th century to utilise the land. The chateaux also had an administrative building which can be found just next to the Weiherhof (in Biberngasse 29). On this administrative building (called Meierhof), you find a marble plate with the coat of arms of Ägidius Rem, bishop of Chiemsee, who once owned the Weiherhof.

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