Weingarten Schlössl Manor

The Weingarten Schlössl is a small manor that is generally ignored even by most locals. If you happen to walk by, you might be surprised that the building has such a long history: It looks like a nice, old house, but nothing particularly exciting. In fact, the Weingarten Schlössl can be tracked back to the year 1139. Later, it became a property of the Domherren, high-ranking civil servants that worked for the Domkapitel (sort of the board of directory of the cathedral and diocese).

The Domherren had the Weingarten Schlössel developed: Around 1528, it was extended to a proper manor with a nice garden and served as a fancy, representative leisure castle. It was used mainly during summer. The Weingarten Schlössel saw its prime with all sorts of social events taking place in its garden and rooms in the 18th century.

In the late 19th century, the last of the Domherren that lived there sold the property to his head gardener. This gardener used the building to built up a greenhouse and flower shop. Surprisingly, there is still a flower shop in the Weingarten Schlössel today; and supposedly, there has been one continuously since the gardener of the last Domherr built it up. You will find the Weingarten Schlössl in the district of Nonntal. Don′t expect too much, though. The building itself is now a residential one; the former Meierei (administrative buildings) of the manor were demolished and replaced by an apartment block.

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