Fischergut (aka Daimergut, aka Webergütl)

The Fischergut is one of the oldest farmhouses in Salzburg. It is also called Daimergut or Webergütl and can be found off the Hellbrunner Allee, in the district of Morzg. Since Morzg is a district that is not very clearly outlined, the area around the Hellbrunner Allee appears to be a distinct neighbourhood on its own. The area is very green, very historic and great for extended walks.

The Fischergut can be found on the southern part of the Hellbrunner Allee. It is only one of several noteworthy buildings in this area (note also Schloss Freisaal, the Kayserburg, Lasserhof, Fronburg, Schloss Emslieb or Schloss Emsburg, to name but a few remarkable buildings along the Hellbrunner Allee). It was first mentioned in a document dating back to 1412. For the year 1451, a certain Jörg Weber can be identified as the owner of the place; he gave the alias "Webergütl" to the the property.

Over the centuries, the Fischergut was repeatedly altered. The last extensive refurbishment took place in 1837. On contrast to the previously mentioned buildings, the Fischergut is not palatial, but rather rural. It is private property, surrounded by a garden and not open to the general public. Therefore, you will not see all that much of it. The historic building is nevertheless an important part of the ensemble around the Palace of Hellbrunn.

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