Schloss Flederbach Palace

The small chateaux of Schloss Flederbach can be found in the southern part of Parsch, a district of Salzburg. In fact, one of the most exclusive corners of Salzburg. To some extent, this must have been the case for a fairly long time, since Schloss Flederbach is not the only court associated with local nobility in this area (note for another example the Vogelsangschlössl).

It can be tracked back to the late 14th century. In 1360, a late-Gothic building was constructed as both archaeological and written evidence show. In 1407, a man called Kaspar Lawbinger owned the Flederbachschloss, as it is also called sometimes. The current building was mainly created in the course of a major re-development around 1550. There are four small towers in the corners of the building; they are hexagonal.

In 1611, Schloss Flederbach was purchased by the mayor of Salzburg, a certain Michael Paumann. He owned the building until 1652. In 1912, Schloss Flederbach was purchased by a side-branch of the Royal family, the Habsburg-Lothringen (Heinrich Ferdinand von Habsburg Lothringen). It is still private property and not open to the general public.

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