Schloss Fürberg Palace

Schloss Fürberg is a small palace that is rather well-hidden despite of its central location: It can be found in the area of the Äußerer Stein and thus in the immediate vicinity of other castles such as Schloss Arenberg, Schloss Blumenstein or Schloss Elsenheim. Just like all of these buildings, Schloss Fürberg is private property and not accessible for the general public. In fact, it is surrounded by a park and hardly visible from the street - especially in summer, when a hedge limits the view.

Schloss Fürberg was first mentioned in a written document in 1323. It was built as a palace or manor for a Domherr, a high-ranking civil servant of the Prince Archbishop and the Domkapitel, sort of the board of directory of the Salzburger Dom Cathedral. Later, the building was owned by the Bavarian Feyertag - it is therefore sometimes referred to as Feyertagsstöckl. The palace has well-preserved towers, a chapel from 1626 which was more ore less renewed completely in 1893 and foundations.

In the course of WWII, the palace was hit by a bomb and damaged rather badly. Planes in general seem to be rather unpleasant for Schloss Fürberg: in 1955, a plane crashed into the Kapuzinerberg and the park of the manor. The pilot and all three passengers died in this crash. Schloss Fürberg serves as a private residence today.

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