Josefshof or Kasererhof Chateaux

The St. Josefshof or Kasererhof is a small chateaux in the neighbourhood of Josefiau - in fact, the neighbourhood derives its name from it. The Kasererhof is situated right at the Hellbrunner Allee. However, because the forests that were associated with the property were developed into a residential area soon after WWII, the neighbourhood lost much of its appeal.

In fact, the street at which the Kasererhof can be found, comes with a lot of traffic and right next to the chateaux, there is a petrol station - marking effectively the modern end of the otherwise remarkable Hellbrunner Allee. Today, the Kasererhof is a hotel and as a building, it looks more impressive than it actually is.

History & Architecture of the Josefshof / Kasererhof

The Kasererhof was an administrative court for a long time. The Baroque chapel of St. Josef was built by Abraham Zillner von Zillerberg in 1677. Zillner owned the Kasererhof, which was extended with a second building of the same size as the chapel in 1712. Both buildings are now incorporated into the hotel. The Kasererhof was named after the chapel (Josefshof) and got its current name only in the 19th century.

Just north of the Josefshof/Kasererhof you will find the house of a convent that was also named after St. Joseph. This building is already in the district of Nonntal. The district Josefiau/Herrnau extends southwards of the Kasererhof. The building makes a good starting point for hiking along the Hellbrunner Allee. On this route, you will find several similar small palaces. The few stretches of forest that has been preserved is now part of a nature reserve.

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