The Montforterhof is a small and often ignored Baroque chateaux with two administrative buildings. It is private property and not open for the general public, but a popular hiking path passes by the group of buildings. They are situated in the district of Morzg and in fact once over the hill (Morzger Hügel) to the historic village that gave its name to it. The Montforterhof was built around 1700, but the builders probably incorporated a previously existing structure. The first time a building was recorded on the site was in 1334.

The name of the Montforterhof is referring to Countess Maria Anna von Montfort. In 1792, Prince Archbishop Hieronymus Count Colloredo purchased the Montforterhof and had the fašade altered. The Montforterhof is linked to a bigger street via a small lane, which is also known for a small shrine ("Bildstock") that was built in 1900; as well as a long line of trees.

The Montforterhof and the associated administrative buildings belong to Count von Moy, who also owns the nearby palace of Schloss Anif. The buildings are inhabited or used by tenants; these include the Flick family of originally German celebrity millionaires, who normally live in Carinthia. The area around the Montforterhof is green and suitable for walks; the Hellbrunner Allee is as much in walking distance as the palace of Schloss Hellbrunn.

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