Schloss Herrnau

The small chateaux of Schloss Herrnau is described as "a typical Salzburg countryside palace” on Wikipedia. We are not quite sure what that is supposed to mean, but the palace, which can be found just off the Hellbrunner Allee, is in fact in an area where you will find several chateaux. Schloss Herrnau was the main palace of a local landlord in the Herrnau neighbourhood. This name can be tracked back to 1574.

A man called Philip Vermeulen was the first person to build a chateaux on the site, which was completed in 1631. In 1685, a man called Johann Jakob Perger purchased Schloss Herrnau. He was later elevated to the rank of a nobleman. As a result, he called himself "von Pergrain”. Between 1741 and 1744, the palace was brought into its current shape by Hieronymus Nikolaus Anton Christani von Rall. This gent was the chancellor of Prince Archbishop Firmian and one of the driving forces behind the expulsion of protestants from Salzburg in 1732. Since this happened at the peak of the age of enlightenment, this move was met with disgust all over Europe.

History & Architecture of Schloss Herrnau

Schloss Herrnau changed owners repeatedly since the 18th century: The Counts von Quabeck owned the place and sold it to the Prince of Tuscany in 1805. The Family of Habsburg-Toskana is a side-line of the "real” Habsburgs. They in turn sold Schloss Herrnau again in 1846, to the Counts of Kuenburg (one of Salzburg′s most distinguished noble families). Today, Schloss Herrnau belongs to the family of Clary-Aldringen, descendants of Bohemian noblemen.

The outlay of Schloss Herrnau is very nice and the parks surrounding the main building are well-preserved. Neither parks nor palace are accessible to the general public. The property is situated by the dry creek Eschenbach - the lane on which it can be found is called Eschenbachgasse, but not named after the writer Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach. Schloss Herrnau′s main entrance is aligned with the Eastern gates of Hellbrunn Palace. It is three storeys high and has an 18th century tower bearing the coats of arms of Christani von Rall and the Counts of Kuenburg.

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