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This website is an extensive travel guide for the city and state of Salzburg in Austria. It contains approximately 1,000 articles on Salzburg: Its culture, sightseeing attractions and other things of interests for international visitors. To our knowledge, Visit-Salzburg.net is the most extensive online Salzburg travel guide in English.

What is unusual about Visit-Salzburg.net? We are all locals, mostly students or recent graduates of Salzburg University. This means that our Salzburg travel guide offers first-hand, local advice. It covers not only the usual touristy things, it also contains lots of really useful inside information.

Visit-Salzburg.net has six different sections:

1.) The "General Info" section will give information on Salzburg basics (health and safety, legal issues, suggested itineraries, public transport, the airport, warnings of things not to do...) as well as special topics (cultural life in Salzburg, "The Sound of Music", skiing...).

2.) Our "Photo" section comes with several click-through photo galleries that contain more than 200 pictures of Salzburg. Along the lines of this website′s philosophy, we tried to balance the stereotypical touristy views with original photos of a Salzburg "off the beaten track".

3.) The "Sightseeing" section offers hundreds of articles on the sightseeing attractions of Salzburg. Nobody should miss the suggested "10-best sights". In addition, there are articles on attractions for individualist interests. These include modern architecture, cultural venues and selected "hidden treasures".

4.) Our "Salzburg Hotel Directory" lists several hotels that pay for the entry. This website is done out of good will, but we do need some money for the maintenance and development of new articles. The support of these hotels helps us to keep the site up.

5.) The "Dining" section has a few basic articles on where to find decent, traditional food for fair prices. This section is a bit underdeveloped. Note the list of beer gardens and cafes in Salzburg.

6.) The "Surroundings" section contains suggestions for day-trips in the immediate vicinity and more distant areas. In addition, it has short articles about the official travel destinations of Salzburg and information for every individual municipality of Salzburg State.

Translation of Visit-Salzburg.net

Visit-Salzburg.net is available in English only. This page is just a so-called "landing page" for people with different native languages. If you don′t speak any English at all, you might want to use the Google translations tool to translate our Salzburg guide.

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